NYU Divest Makes Headway


SO it begins! NYU Divest held a rally to bolster support for the Student senate vote… and they agreed with an overwhelming majority in favor of Divestment! The rally in Washington Square park boasted students and teachers alike who chanted, “People gonna rise with the water, we’re gonna shut this crisis down, I hear the voice of my great granddaughter, saying time to divest now.” The group took their passionate cries towards the Senate meeting and won over the Senate.

Why is this important? 

The student senate submits a recommendation to the decision makers at the Board of Trustees in June. The movement could symbolize yet another grass roots student effort like that of early environmental justice. Students have often been the most radical in dealing with sustainability and concern for future generations.


A clinical associate professor in management communication, Susan Stehlik said, “I think this step — which is why I voted against it — doesn’t draw the process and doesn’t draw the attention to the bigger issue.”She believes the proposal is not exploratory enough.

So we all wait eagerly awaiting the June decision by the Board of Trustees. Will joining the Divestment conversation and other universities change the tides?


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