#NYUZeroWaste: Day 1

I’m going ‘zero waste’ for the week. And this is my story.

zero waste items

Day 1 Tasks: 

  1. Emptied our garbage can and whipped out an old Whole Foods bag to use for freezer composting.
  2. Went Grocery shopping (with a canvas bag) and made a few meals from scratch to take as leftovers for lunch at work.
    1. I picked up vegetables and fruits (package free, cheap, and easy to prepare.) I had pastas and rice at home in packaging and have a CSA drop-off of produce midweek so it wasn’t stressful. I bought chicken sausage in plastic and for that I am ashamed.
  3. Swore off random CVS stuff for the week or junk food.
  4. Washed/laundered our dish rags so we didn’t have to buy paper towels.
  5. Whipped out my travel mug and made coffee ahead of class.

Tip: Because I usually eat a variation of pasta or rice and vegetables, I make the rice and pasta in a big batch at the beginning of the week. Somehow this saves time. Don’t question the #MealPrep life.

Tip: Started carrying the same backpack to class everyday that is stocked with a bottle, utensils, and a tea towel. I usually bring a tote or bag depending on my load but I forget things that way.

What I had at home (I have uglier versions)

zero waste items

Expected challenges:

  • Craving food in packaging
  • Forgetting a jar to compost on-the-go with
  • Finding what I want in bulk
  • Printing for class



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