NYC Recycling Explained

….Because you probably know less than you think.

You moved off-campus, GOODBYE SINGLE STREAM! Hello quirky apartment recycling system.

The TWO categories:

  1. Paper and Cardboard
  2. Glass, Plastics, Metal, Cartons (milk, soup)

What still applies:

  • Clean, rinse all items (no wine in the bottom of the bottle)
  • Paper, cardboard must be dry (peel off the pizza grease stains)
  • Take the caps off bottles, take corks out
  • Place in bin or designated area labeled “Mixed Paper”
  • Flatten boxes
  • Keep a separate bin for recycling

Check here for more information.

NYC only recycles about 15% of the waste collected by the Sanitation Department, primarily from residences, down from a peak of 23% in 2001. (NYTimes)

NYC produces more than 14 million tons of waste a year. 



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