Carrot and Radish Top Pesto

Cooking vegetarian meals is good for the environment. Making those recipes zero waste is even better. Sophia Hampton (@FarmtoDorm) is an NYU freshmen doing her best to showcase sustainable eats around the city and sharing recipes from her dorm room. 

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Ingredients: Carrot Tops, Radish Tops, 5 basil leaves, Half avocado, Olive Oil, Lemon, Salt 10 Minutes- Easy

  1.  Put the green carrot tops from one bunch of carrots and the green leafy part from one bunch of radishes in a food processor/blender.
  2. Add 5 basil leaves (optional).
  3. Scoop in the flesh of half an avocado.
  4. Add a handful (1/4 cup-ish) of walnuts, and 2 tbs of almond butter (or almonds).
  5. Turn the food processor on and drizzle in olive oil until it starts to turn into pesto (about 1/2 cup).
  6. Add the juice from half a lemon and a tsp salt.

Taste it and decide if you want to add anything else. Once you’ve decided your pesto is the besto, put it in a jar. Use it throughout the week on everything from quinoa to eggs.

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THANKS SOPHIA (@FarmtoDorm).
Sophia is part of the NYU Real Food Challenge that aims to improve the NYU dining hall food so that it can be as local as possible, healthy, and welcoming to vegans and vegetarians alike. Follow her Instagram, @FarmtoDorm, for recipes like “Carrot and Radish Top Pesto” and “Chocolate + Coconut Protein Bars” made in the same dinky kitchen you’re used to!

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